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As The Actress Said to the Cabinet Minister …(3)

Part 3: The Cabinet Minister: William Windham What of the Cabinet Minister of the title of this post: William Windham? He was a major figure in the politics, arts and society of late Georgian England. In maturity, William was handsome, … Continue reading

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What was the Alien Office?

The British Secret Service under Pitt: Part 3     The existence of the Alien Office was never a secret. It was established in the early 1790s as a result, in part, of the Police Act of 1792, together with … Continue reading

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The Terrible Danger of Romantic Novels

I am often struck by the close correspondence between the eighteenth century in Britain and today. We have media-induced moral panics about the corrupting effects of the Internet and social media on children and other vulnerable groups. Our eighteenth-century forebears … Continue reading

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The C18th British Secret Service under Pitt (2)

Part 2: Radicals, Rebels and Republicans This is the second instalment in a series of posts dealing with spies and clandestine operations between 1790 and 1815. The British government in the early 1790s was facing many challenges. War was brewing … Continue reading

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