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Getting v. Spending: 18th-Century Attitudes

Libertines or Libertarians? Social attitudes changed during the eighteenth century in ways that still have relevance today. Nowhere is this more obvious than in attitudes to morality, religion and sexual behaviour. All kinds of reasons have been put forward for … Continue reading

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The Georgian Religious Experience

What did religious tolerance and intolerance mean for the Georgians? Can we see into their mindset? Continue reading

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Hair Fashions ‘Well Deserving the Attention of Bathing-Ladies’

Here’s an interesting advertisement from The Norfolk Chronicle for a business in Holt, Norfolk, dated May 20, 1783. Notice the use of the word sophistication to mean something like trickery. PAGE, Hair-Dresser, Perfumer, and Haberdasher, Begs Leave to acquaint the … Continue reading

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A Georgian “Lonely Hearts” Advertisement

How to Find that Special Person Amongst the gentry of the eighteenth century, marriage was a serious matter. A good marriage could bring you wealth, patronage and important social and political contacts. Affection was hoped for, but probably not so … Continue reading

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