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This is the time of year when many of us are enjoying holidays and taking a break from routine. So here are some previous posts you may have missed.

    1. The Value of Dissenters: Norfolk’s many Dissenters laid the foundation for much of the county’s prosperity – as well as its reputation for radicalism and awkwardness – in Georgian and Regency times.
    2. Commerce and War: Trade blockades had been an essential tool in the warfare between Britain and France throughout the eighteenth century. In the French Revolutionary and Napoleonic wars, they were almost the primary weapons of both belligerents at times.
    3. Science and Philosophy in C18th Norwich: The surprisingly extensive and challenging scientific and philosophical interests of Norwich people in the 18th century.
    4. Crime and Punishment: Why were the Georgians so obsessed with increasing the number of offences that carried the death-penalty? To understand the logic behind it, you have to consider contemporary theories of the causes of crime.
    5. 1782 Advertisements and Public Notices: Georgian Norwich had the first newspaper outside London and was a thriving centre of print culture. Sadly, our newspapers don’t carry advertisements like these any more.
    6. How the Revolution broke Britain and France apart: During the middle of the eighteenth century, many leading French thinkers were strongly pro-British. Many British gentry valued French fashions and ideas and loved to visit Paris. Was it the French Revolution that severed any chance of better relations between Britain and France?

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