A Last Visit to the Archives


Many people are still enjoying the holidays and the break from routine. So here is the final visit this summer to the archives and some previous posts you may have missed.

  1. Norfolk’s Opposition to the War against the American Colonies  Many people in Britain opposed fighting the American Colonies over their refusal to accept taxation without representation. In Norfolk, Suffolk & Essex, even leading politicians spoke out against it.
  2. Crime Keeps You Young, or Maybe Not? Of whom was it written, “She was upwards of 100 years the most noted poacher in that part of the country”? The amazing life of Ann Simms and the war against poachers in rural Norfolk.
  3. A Georgian “Lonely Hearts” Advertisement A man, “52, but vigorous, strong and amorous”, with £2000.00 a year, seeks a lady, “Tall and graceful in her person”. Will he find her?
  4. Hair Fashions ‘Well Deserving the Attention of Bathing-Ladies’ In Holt, Norfolk, in 1783, a hairdresser advertises, “Cushions on an entire new Plan, well deserving the Attention of Bathing-Ladies”. What is he talking about and why are ‘cushions’ fashion necessities?
  5. The Georgian Religious Experience Religious tolerance, even between protestant Christian denominations, was always under threat in Georgian England. People in the eighteenth century took religious matters seriously, and its impact on daily life, education, moral teaching, laws and social customs, was far greater than it is today.
  6. Getting v. Spending: 18th-Century Attitudes Social attitudes changed during the eighteenth century in ways that still have relevance today. Nowhere is this more obvious than in attitudes to morality and sexual behaviour.

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