‘Receipts’ for pancakes and fritters 1707

Felbrigg Hall

Felbrigg Hall

Here are some more ‘receipts’ (recipes) from Katherine Windham’s ‘A Booke of Cookery & Housekeeping’[1], 1707. How many recipes today could begin with “Take 16 eggs …”! Still, at least these do not require ‘guts’ as the last did.

To make Excelent pancakes proved KW[2]

Take oatmeal beat it & steep it in a quart of Milke all night, yn[3] strain it & put to it, 4 eggs, 1 nutmeg a litle cream some flower[4], to fry ym[5], instead of flower put in oatmeal flower.

To make pancakes

Take a quart of cream, a qu[6] of a pint of sacke[7], 6 yolks of eggs 3 whites, beat ym well together, yn take a nutmeg grate it & a qu of a po[8] of suger, put these into ye cream with as much flower as will mingle ym something Limber[9] yn beat it well together & strain it, fry ym with buter, when they are ready put ym on a plate & suger ym,

To make Fritters

Take flower & mingle it with strong Ale till it is some thing thicker yn pancake batter, beat it very well season it with salt, yn take pared pepins[10], cut ym in thin slices put ym into batter, when yr suet boyles put ym in & when they are crisp take ym up. send beaten cinamen & suger with ym, in some put no Aples.

To make Fritters

Take 16 eggs, a pint & 1⁄2 of fair water, beat ye eggs very well yn put to ym as much flower as will make ye eggs & water into a Batter, strow[11] in ye flower by degrees, yn it clods not[12], yn season it with a litle salt suger nutmeg & sacke[7], cut ye Aples in round thin slices, frye ym in a good deal of suet, some put no Aples. send up suger & Cinamen[13],

  1. Transcribed by Bonnie Lovelock and Roger Sykes.  ↩
  2. This suggests that they were labelled ‘Excelent’ after Katherine (KW) had tried them herself.  ↩
  3. yn: then  ↩
  4. flower: flour  ↩
  5. ym: them  ↩
  6. qu: quarter  ↩
  7. sacke: (or sack) a wine a little like sherry.  ↩
  8. po: pound  ↩
  9. Limber: to make soft or pliant.  ↩
  10. pepins: pippins, a type of small eating-apple.  ↩
  11. strow: (or strew) to scatter or spread.  ↩
  12. clods not: doesn’t form lumps.  ↩
  13. Cinamen: cinnamon  ↩

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