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Two ‘Pye’ Recipes from 1707

Another offering from Katherine Windham’s Booke of Cookery and Housekeeping of 1707, this time some ‘pyes’. To make a Calves head pye Take your head & parboyle it, yn cut it into thin peices season it with salt, nutmeg & a litle … Continue reading

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Loving Felons (Part 1)

Crime, Punishment and Pregnancy In Britain during the eighteenth century methods of dealing with criminal behaviour, especially by the poor, were usually harsh to the point of brutality. It’s refreshing to be able to tell a different kind of story; … Continue reading

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“The Norwich Mercury” on French Morals (1772)

Here’s a fun little poem from a local newspaper on the theme of the (supposed) sexual indiscretions of the French upper classes in the eighteenth century. Not so different from the English, so far as I can see! Says a … Continue reading

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The (Georgian) Ideal Woman

Another gem from “Side-Lights on the Georgian Period”, by George Paston (Emily Morse Symonds), published by Methuen in 1902. This time the author is explaining the ideal type of woman in the eighteenth century. I read some of this aloud … Continue reading

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The Language of 18th Century Politics

Many people today never encounter the English of the Authorised (King James) Version of the Bible of 1611 or the Book of Common Prayer of 1662. This is a huge gap in their literary education. Not just because both are … Continue reading

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‘Receipts’ for pancakes and fritters 1707

Here are some more ‘receipts’ (recipes) from Katherine Windham’s ‘A Booke of Cookery & Housekeeping’[1], 1707. How many recipes today could begin with “Take 16 eggs …”! Still, at least these do not require ‘guts’ as the last did. To … Continue reading

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