A True Gentleman of the Road


From the Ipswich Journal. Highwaymen were rarely this kind.

August 7th 1773

On Friday evening last as two ladies and a gentleman were coming by post chaise from Ingatestone to Chelmsford, they were attacked by a highway man within a ¼ a mile of Chelmsford

The ladies being much frightened could not get down the window of the chaise, the highway man seeing the confusion opened the door and entreated them not to be intimidated for he would not hurt them, neither rob them, he was apprehensive if the gentleman had enough to supply his wants.

The gentleman gave him 10 guineas and told him it was all he had and had nothing to pay for the chaise which he said cost him 1 ½ guineas, he returned that amount but asked him for his watch.

The gentleman pleaded hard, it being a family watch, the highway man no further requested it as he had sufficient to supply his necessities.

About William Savage

Author of mystery stories set in Georgian Norfolk.
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  1. helenajust says:

    Astonishingly lenient! But 8.5 guineas was a good haul, then.


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