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‘Snap’ and The Whiffler

The museum in Norwich Castle holds a strange model dragon, larger enough for person to get inside and carry around, snapping the jaws at people. What was it for? Then, on the northern outskirts of Norwich, to one side of … Continue reading

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Fencing Masters

For a good deal of the 18th century, a gentleman’s dress would include wearing a small sword. How far this might ever need to be used in anger, or for personal defence, is uncertain. However, it did no harm to … Continue reading

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Georgian Travel: Vehicle Accidents and Breakdowns

I set out the background to the daily perils of Georgian roads and travel in my previous post. Now it’s time to delve into the specifics. As I wrote in the first instalment, all these examples are drawn from the … Continue reading

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Ireland to Holt, Norfolk – on foot!

As a postscript to Tuesday’s posting about “Going for a Soldier”, here is the strange case of Ann Everett[1], an Irish girl aged only 16. The poor child had married a Norfolk man, born in Holt, who was a soldier … Continue reading

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The Complicated Lives of the Poor: Going for a Soldier

In the earlier post on this topic, I explained how I came upon a locally-printed booklet of transcripts of the records made by magistrates taking depositions under the 18th-century Poor Law in Holt, Norfolk[1]. One section of this booklet is … Continue reading

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‘Receipts’ for Preserving Fruit in the 18th Century

Taken from Katherine Wyndham’s Book of Preserving c. 1718 In the absence of refrigeration or freezing, most fruit eaten during the winter months had to be preserved by other means. Although some grand houses possessed an Ice House – in … Continue reading

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