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Hapless Husbands and Wandering Wives

We are all aware of the strong legal disadvantages suffered by 18th-century married women. Before the passing of The Married Women’s Property Act of 1882, wives were treated as appendages to their husbands, with no independent rights. After marriage, husband … Continue reading

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Marriage amongst the Middling Sort

Marriage was a significant part of life for the majority in 18th century England as it still is today. Not everyone married, of course, but most did. It was seen as a natural stage in life, important for the stability … Continue reading

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The Other Downton

Everybody knows (hopefully!) that Downton Abbey is an imaginary place, crammed with romance, intrigue and angst and staffed by implausibly engaging servants. It is not, however, the only English ‘stately home’ called Downton—nor, to my mind, the most interesting one. … Continue reading

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Same Old, Same Old?

Studying 18th-century British history provides clear proof that we have learned almost nothing in the 250-odd years since then. The problems we grapple with today are the same ones our ancestors were trying to solve in the 1780s and 1790s. Then, … Continue reading

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Infant Mortality: A Surprising View

There are occasions when you come upon something from the 18th century that overturns our modern assumptions about people’s outlook on life at that time. Such an event occurred to me this week when I lit on this entry in … Continue reading

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