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The Cost of 18th-century Lighting

This is by way of being an addendum to my last post about lighting in Georgian times. That explained how dim Georgian lighting must have been, compared to the levels of illumination we take for granted today. I also need … Continue reading

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Let There be Light!

Indoor Lighting in Georgian England Sometimes it’s the simplest aspects of life in the past which are hardest to understand, other than in the most superficial ways. Take the hours of darkness. We all know that Georgian and Regency houses … Continue reading

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Norwich’s 1000-Seat Georgian Theatre

Before 1750, Norwich was England’s largest and wealthiest city after London. It’s not surprising, therefore, that it already had a long tradition of local theatre performances by that date—too long to cover in a single posting. There were, at times, … Continue reading

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Of Popinjays, Fops and Macaronis

Originally, the word ‘fop’ simply meant a fool. However, by the 18th century, its meaning had narrowed to mean a fashionable man who put on airs and graces. A man who tried to portray himself as more refined, more witty … Continue reading

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