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“Cunning Folk”: Witchcraft, Healing and Superstition

It’s easy to forget that “Cunning Folk” had been a normal part of society from the Middle Ages and continued right through until the start of the 20th century. They included men and women, some practising as healers, some as … Continue reading

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The Murderous Georgian Rector of Wiveton

At around 11:15 pm on April 7, 1779, the audience began to leave the Covent Garden Theatre after a performance of a popular comic opera called “Love in a Village”. It was a warm night for early spring, and the … Continue reading

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An 18th-century Scandal Rag

Sometimes history springs a surprise on you. I was glancing recently through some eighteenth-century newspapers when I discovered something quite strange. An edition of the “Ipswich Journal” from November 1720 had a lengthy piece of social satire right on the … Continue reading

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Vignettes of 18th-century Life

Looking through a single newspaper of the 18th century is usually enough to produce a series of vivid images of what life was really like at the time. Take these, chosen from one page of “The Norfolk Chronicle” for January … Continue reading

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Georgian Dancing-Masters in Norwich

For the upper and middle classes, the Georgian period was one of intense social activity, both in the home and in public assemblies. Since dancing was an essential part of many gatherings, the ability to dance gracefully became an essential … Continue reading

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