Belated Update

I have been absent from this blog for over a year. Partly this has been due to increasing age. I can no longer manage as much as I could once, especially when you include all the necessary research. Partly it is due to various health problems, which further reduced my stamina and ability to cope. Instead, i decided to concentrate my remaining energy on continuing my two series of Georgian mystery books: The Dr Adam Bascom Mysteries and The Ashmole Foxe Georgian Mysteries.

That will be the situation for the future. I regret stopping my history blog articles, but I cannot do them justice any more.

About William Savage

Author of mystery stories set in Georgian Norfolk.
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10 Responses to Belated Update

  1. noelleg44 says:

    Completely understood, William. It’s hard for me to keep blogging and writing and face-booking. Just so long as I can enjoy those mysteries from time to time.

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  2. Gabby Barnard says:

    Sorry to hear you’ll no longer be doing your blogs – I’ve read them with interest but totally understand your reasons. Looking forward to reading the further adventures of Adam Bascoe and Ashmole Foxe….take care of yourself.

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  3. Susan Ivins. says:

    Lovely to see you again Will. I’ve just finished the last Adam Bascom …a great read….when is he going to marry Alice?!
    Take care of yourself..we miss you at Felbrigg! We’re still quoting your “Iced Desserts”

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  4. Hear, hear, Philip. Look after yourself, William, and ping us an email whenever you have a new book.

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  5. Thank you for all you have shared in the past William. It has been much appreciated

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    • Oh dear, I’m so sorry to hear you are having health issues and understand that 100%. Me also now, but love the books and hope you can still write more for us fans who love you and your stories, the wonderful characters. Please be kind to yourself and don’t worry about the Pen and Pension blogs, just keep writing your stories, Will when you can. Best wishes hon, Michelle xx

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      • Thanks so much for your good wishes. I am still writing (the latest Foxe book is just out) and will continue to do so for as long as I can and as long as people enjoy my stories. ❤️


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