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Censoring History

I don’t usually write ‘opinion’ pieces. What has caused me to make this exception is a week or two spent reading about the many radical demonstrations, ‘seditious’ sermons and writings and outright riots which marked Norfolk during the eighteenth century, … Continue reading

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How the Revolution broke Britain and France apart

THE FRENCH REVOLUTION WAS LIKE A TORNADO which threatened to tear up the foundations of Europe. Though there had been many changes before, it is probably fair to say they were mostly dynastic. One ruler or family of rulers gaining or … Continue reading

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The Value of Dissenters

One reason for the wealth of talent in Norfolk was its long record of harbouring dissent and Dissenters, right back into Elizabethan times. By 1676, one census suggested almost 50% of adults in the diocese of Norwich were nonconformists. Many … Continue reading

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