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Georgian Dancing-Masters in Norwich

For the upper and middle classes, the Georgian period was one of intense social activity, both in the home and in public assemblies. Since dancing was an essential part of many gatherings, the ability to dance gracefully became an essential … Continue reading

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‘Bling’ in Georgian Interior Decoration

The grand tour was responsible for a huge growth in the expenditure georgian grandees lavished on the interior decoration of their houses. Many of those who went abroad sent home vast numbers of pictures, statues and other objects, all chosen … Continue reading

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The Purposes of the Grand Tour

During the 17th and 18th centuries, rich young Englishmen finished their education by going on The Grand Tour — an extended cultural and collecting trip through continental Europe. You can think of it as a ‘finishing school’ for the sons … Continue reading

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Of Popinjays, Fops and Macaronis

Originally, the word ‘fop’ simply meant a fool. However, by the 18th century, its meaning had narrowed to mean a fashionable man who put on airs and graces. A man who tried to portray himself as more refined, more witty … Continue reading

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The Other Downton

Everybody knows (hopefully!) that Downton Abbey is an imaginary place, crammed with romance, intrigue and angst and staffed by implausibly engaging servants. It is not, however, the only English ‘stately home’ called Downton—nor, to my mind, the most interesting one. … Continue reading

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Georgian Hair-care: Pomades

I recently gave a talk to a local group on the subject of sea-bathing. In it, I mentioned the use of pomade or pomatum for the hair: a dressing originally including mashed, overripe apple, as the name suggests, along with … Continue reading

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The Rise of the Fashionable Eighteenth-century Shopper

One of the distinguishing marks of the 18th-century is the steady rise in the standard of living amongst the better-off parts of British society. Compared with their Tudor and Stuart ancestors, the people of Georgian times lived in grander houses, … Continue reading

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