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Georgian Hair-care: Pomades

I recently gave a talk to a local group on the subject of sea-bathing. In it, I mentioned the use of pomade or pomatum for the hair: a dressing originally including mashed, overripe apple, as the name suggests, along with … Continue reading

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The Rise of the Fashionable Eighteenth-century Shopper

One of the distinguishing marks of the 18th-century is the steady rise in the standard of living amongst the better-off parts of British society. Compared with their Tudor and Stuart ancestors, the people of Georgian times lived in grander houses, … Continue reading

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Hair Fashions ‘Well Deserving the Attention of Bathing-Ladies’

Here’s an interesting advertisement from The Norfolk Chronicle for a business in Holt, Norfolk, dated May 20, 1783. Notice the use of the word sophistication to mean something like trickery. PAGE, Hair-Dresser, Perfumer, and Haberdasher, Begs Leave to acquaint the … Continue reading

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Georgian ‘Consumerism’?

One of the reasons why I find the eighteenth century so fascinating is the constant discovery of ways in which the preoccupations of that time exactly mirror our own, more than two hundred and fifty years later. We know we … Continue reading

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