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The Complicated Lives of the Poor: Going for a Soldier

In the earlier post on this topic, I explained how I came upon a locally-printed booklet of transcripts of the records made by magistrates taking depositions under the 18th-century Poor Law in Holt, Norfolk[1]. One section of this booklet is … Continue reading

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Norfolk Fends off Napoleon

Fears of a French invasion were not new to late-eighteenth century Englishmen. There had been at least three credible invasion threats between 1744 and 1783, and various steps to counter invasion had been taken. How likely Norfolk was as a … Continue reading

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All ISN’T Fair in War

Here’s a fascinating piece from the Norfolk Chronicle of 21st October, 1780. In the course of the present war, humanity hath found a distinguished friend in Lord Viscount TOWNSHEND. His behaviour does honour to the dignity of his rank and … Continue reading

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The Loss of HMS Invincible in 1801

HMS Invincible was a 74-gun, third-rate ship of the Royal Navy, built in 1765 at the end of The Seven Years’ War. During her career, she served in the American War of Independence at the battles of Cape St Vincent … Continue reading

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