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The Eccentric Mrs Atkyns

Charlotte Atkyns, née Walpole, deserves a prominent place amongst 18th-century Norfolk eccentrics, despite the fact that she was neither Norfolk born nor — though she was happy to suggest it — related to the well-known Norfolk Walpole family, descendants of … Continue reading

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John Fransham, Norfolk’s Pagan

I am always on the lookout for examples of genuine eccentrics in the grand old English tradition. People who follow their own path in life, even at the expense of ridicule from others. Individualists who may be odd, even barking … Continue reading

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“You Little Confounded Toad…”

Dr. Messenger Monsey, a True Norfolk Eccentric. In our sad, politically-correct culture, it’s getting harder to find a place for the genuine eccentric: the kind of person who is essentially harmless, but who goes his or her own way and … Continue reading

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The Oddball Life and Career of Dr. Sylas Neville

Almost all we know of Dr. Sylas Neville comes from the fragment of his diary that covers 1767 to 1788. I say fragment, because the surviving manuscript begins abruptly on January 26th, 1767, and he lived long after the date … Continue reading

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