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Norwich’s 1000-Seat Georgian Theatre

Before 1750, Norwich was England’s largest and wealthiest city after London. It’s not surprising, therefore, that it already had a long tradition of local theatre performances by that date—too long to cover in a single posting. There were, at times, … Continue reading

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Getting Your (Ticket) Money’s Worth

In these days, when theatre tickets may cost £50 or more (double that in London’s West End) it’s interesting to see just how much value our Georgian ancestors obtained for their money. Not just a ‘main attraction’ but various types … Continue reading

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As The Actress Said to the Cabinet Minister …(3)

Part 3: The Cabinet Minister: William Windham What of the Cabinet Minister of the title of this post: William Windham? He was a major figure in the politics, arts and society of late Georgian England. In maturity, William was handsome, … Continue reading

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As The Actress Said to the Cabinet Minister …(2)

Part 2: Mrs. Sarah Siddons Mrs. Sarah Siddons (née Kemble) was by far the leading tragic actress of her day. She was born in Brecon, while her theatrical mother and father were on tour, but she was very much a … Continue reading

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