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Tall Stories Georgian-style

It’s long been noted that groups of men tend to indulge in boastful talk amongst themselves, each person trying to outdo the others or cap their stories. Maybe this is simply natural competitiveness amongst males, maybe it is more, but … Continue reading

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The East Anglian Beach Companies

It seems many people have almost forgotten about the beachmen of East Anglia and the companies they formed, yet for more than a hundred years in the 18th and early 19th centuries, they were a common feature of most seafaring … Continue reading

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Georgian Attitudes Revealed

There are times when I’m looking through some primary document and find myself brought up short by a comment that reveals an outlook or attitude that would never be acceptable today. A time when the only possible response is “What!?” … Continue reading

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Georgian Theatre Criticism

The theatre critic is a fixture in today’s newspapers and it turns out that such people have a long history behind them. Even in Georgian times, people turned to their newspapers to discover what was on at the local theatre, … Continue reading

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Music at Home

During the eighteenth century, england was seen throughout europe as an unusually musical nation, one in which different kinds of music were enjoyed at every level of society. That was why, at one end of the scale, a major composer … Continue reading

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A Prank too far?

The Elopement John Collet, 1764 It’s good to see that even our georgian ancestors were not above getting pissed and doing stupid things at christmas parties. The following piece was published in The Norwich Mercury of January 14th, 1727. Sherborn, … Continue reading

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Finding Good Servants

During the eighteenth century, the lady of the house faced a constant problem in employing good servants. Whether you ran a town household or a country one, servants were becoming hard to find. They were also difficult to keep. Alternative … Continue reading

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The Superstitious Eighteenth Century

It’s easy to forget how superstitious many of our Georgian ancestors must have been. At this time of year, when thoughts run to what may lie ahead of us, it was natural enough to try to make sure nothing was … Continue reading

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Let There be Light!

Indoor Lighting in Georgian England Sometimes it’s the simplest aspects of life in the past which are hardest to understand, other than in the most superficial ways. Take the hours of darkness. We all know that Georgian and Regency houses … Continue reading

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Of Popinjays, Fops and Macaronis

Originally, the word ‘fop’ simply meant a fool. However, by the 18th century, its meaning had narrowed to mean a fashionable man who put on airs and graces. A man who tried to portray himself as more refined, more witty … Continue reading

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