An unidentified body is found in a haunted house, a wayward young priest is murdered … Fresh problems for the wily Mr Foxe.

The Reverend, the Honourable Henry Pryce-Perkins, to give him his full title, was both the youngest son of a peer of the realm and a brilliant scholar at Oxford. After ordination, the Bishop of Norwich appointed him Warden of St. Steven’s Hospital, until such time as he could be found a suitably large and prestigious parish. Now he has been found murdered outside his own house, and the bishop and mayor expect Foxe to give all his time and attention to discovering who did it.

A day or so later, a call from the street children sends Foxe hurrying to look into the death of a young woman. Her richly-dressed body has been found in an empty and reputedly haunted house standing at the entrance to one of Norwich’s notorious ‘yards’: clusters of wretched tenements housing the poorest people in the city. Needless to say, Foxe can’t stop himself from getting involved in that mystery as well.

Now he’s facing two complex investigations, while a personal crisis is also brewing, involving the latest woman in his life. Can Foxe concentrate on finding the murderers and bring them to justice, while disentangling himself from a relationship rapidly going sour? What about his two past loves, both eager to take up where they left off and about to arrive back in Norwich?

As the complications continue to pile up, Ashmole Foxe will need to marshal all his resources and display even more cunning and determination than usual, if he hopes to resume his former happy-go-lucky style of life.

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“A SICKNESS IN THE SOUL”: Ashmole Foxe 6

“A Sickness in the Soul” is a story set in the England of the 1760s; a land where outward wealth and display hide simmering political and social tensions; a time of rigid class distinctions, where the rich idle their days away in magnificent mansions, while hungry children beg, steal and prostitute themselves on the streets; an era on the cusp of revolution in America and France; a time when Norwich, which was still the second or third largest city in England.

Into this seething mixture of elegance and vice comes a series of murders. At the outset, all appear straightforward to unravel. An aristocrat is killed after a public row at a masked ball; an elderly, reclusive scholar with a young wife is murdered in his own library; and there is a seemingly senseless professional assassination of a homeless vagrant. In each case, everyone looks to Ashmole Foxe to get on and unravel the answers that will bring the killer or killers to justice.

Yet, as he digs further, Foxe finds all those simple answers are false. The true solutions to each murder promise to be far more obscure and complex than he, or anyone else, imagined at the outset. Can he find the keys that will unlock each mystery? Can he break though to discover the underlying sickness in the soul which has brought about all these violent crimes?

Can he also solve the pressing personal problem which threatens to destroy his peace of mind and the carefree life he has been leading so far? Life has never been so demanding for the suave and elegant Mr Foxe!

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“BLACK AS SHE’S PAINTED”: Ashmole Foxe 5

Samuel Melanus, a rich goldsmith turned banker, goes missing, and his promiscuous wife is found naked and strangled on her own bed. It’s another case for Georgian Norwich’s most cunning and unconventional crime-solver, the bookseller Mr Ashmole Foxe.

Foxe is approached by representatives of the city’s mercantile elite to find the missing banker before his disappearance causes a financial panic. Thus begins a tale of intrigue, deceit and hatred, involving one of Foxe’s most loathed enemies.

Aided by a motley cast of street children, a beautiful teenage burglar, and several incompetent constables, Foxe must resort to breaking the law himself to bring the murderer to justice — and work out how thousands of pounds have been stolen from one of Norwich’s leading banks, without them noticing anything was missing.

Follow Foxe as he faces down a pitiless criminal enterprise to discover what really went on in the Melanus household … and in the bank next door.

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“BAD BLOOD WILL OUT”: Ashmole Foxe 4

Ashmole Foxe is approached by the mayor of Norwich and the manager of one of its oldest theatres, both wanting him to investigate sudden, baffling deaths. Foxe loathes the theatre manager, so he’ll have nothing to do with his tale of ghostly apparitions and the murder of an alcoholic, has-been actor. Instead, he turns to the mayor’s request — to resolve the killing of a rich merchant. Yet all along, Foxe can’t put the theatre mystery out of his mind.

Both cases contain inexplicable events. How did someone stab the merchant as he was hosting a grand masquerade ball surrounded by his guests — without anyone seeing what happened? What has a famous actress dead for twenty years to do with the murder of someone who shouldn’t even have been in the current cast?

Urged on by cryptic messages from a local Cunning Woman and supported by his extended household and the street-children of the city, Foxe is soon entangled in webs of secrecy and deceit going back into the past and outwards as far as London itself.

“Bad Blood Will Out” is set in the fascinating world of 1760s England. Working his way through betrayal, greed, ambition and grief, Foxe uncovers a toxic mix of thwarted passions, grim obsession and slow-burning hatred — all bringing him closer to a confrontation withthe most callous, cold-hearted and remorseless killer he has ever known.

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“THIS PARODY OF DEATH”: Ashmole Foxe 3

Eighteenth-century Norwich bookseller and dandy, Ashmole Foxe, is asked by the local bellringers to look into the death of their Tower Captain, found in the ringing chamber with his throat cut. Since the victim had a foul temper, was a notorious miser, a killjoy and a recluse, there’s no shortage of suspects.

Yet with everyone lying about themselves and their relationships with the dead man, Foxe knows it will take even more cunning than usual to dig out the truth. On top of all that, he discovers nothing about the victim is what it seems.

He must dig into the man’s past as well as his present to separate truth from pretence and the genuine from the fake. Is this even the death which was intended? Or has someone produced a parody — a derisory drama of death — to point the finger of blame at someone whose public persona was concealing an evil heart?

Bit by bit, Mr Foxe reveals a tale of greed, bitter family strife and unexpected love, all ending in that fateful night in the church tower with an explosion of anger and hatred.

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Mr Ashmole Foxe, Georgian dandy, bookseller and confidential investigator, is under pressure. The mayor wants him to find the murderer of a prominent merchant and banker before the city is crippled by financial panic, Alderman Halloran is hounding him to solve the theft of some of his favourite books and his much-loved companions, the Catt sisters, have left Norwich, unlikely to return.

What could the self-righteous and rigidly teetotal Joseph Morrow have done to provoke someone to murder him and leave his body, reeking of cheap brandy, in a rough area haunted by sailors and prostitutes? Could he have been mistaken for someone else? What was he doing there in the first place?

As he negotiates the treacherous back-streets of Norwich, Ashmole Foxe must expose the killer before the Morrow Bank collapses, find the book-thief, return the alderman’s books, and discover the dark secret linking one of the the city’s grandest merchant houses to the wretches that drag out their brief existence in the slums.

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“THE FABRIC OF MURDER”: Ashmole Foxe 1

Norwich in the 1760s is one of the most prosperous cities in England, its wealth coming from a booming trade in the famous “Norwich Stuffs”, fine worsted cloth, often richly dyed and embroidered.

When a leading cloth-manufacturer is murdered and his business seems on the brink of collapse, people fear a forced sale of his business will ruin the trade for everyone else. Questions multiply. Who killed him, why had he been stockpiling cloth for months and who is the stranger now trying to buy up all the dead man’s stock?

With no organised police force beyond constables and night-watchmen, the mayor and aldermen turn to Mr. Ashmole Foxe to help solve these riddles. Mr. Foxe is another enigma, a man who claims to be a bookseller, lives in grand style, dresses like a dandy and has the morals of an alley-cat.

With no firm clues to go on and every sign the dead man himself had been hiding many secrets, Mr Foxe sets out to do as the City Fathers want. Follow this wily hero through Norwich’s teeming 18th-century streets ask he seeks out the answers.

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