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Radicalism, Constitutional Reform and the French Revolution

My series of books about Dr Adam Bascom, Norfolk physician and solver of mysteries, are set in the period after the French Revolution, when the ideas and attitudes spawned in its turbulent birth were sweeping across Europe, unsettling regimes that … Continue reading

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Grappling with God, Georgian Style

Religious belief was a constant backdrop to everything in Georgian times, which can be hard for a modern-day person to grasp, given our generally secular outlook on the world. Continue reading

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Carry on ‘Camping’ in Norfolk

The old Norfolk game of Camping was already dying out in the 18th century, replaced by modern games like football (soccer) and cricket that required fewer players and were much less anarchic and violent. All that we might have known … Continue reading

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Georgian Travel: Falling off your Horse

  One of the commonest problems facing travellers in the 18th century was staying in the saddle. Considering how much some of them must have ridden, this is odd. Nevertheless, people seem to have fallen off their horses with suspicious regularity, … Continue reading

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